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Susan M. Hampton
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Six-month Group Coaching Program for Unique Groups

Virtual Group meetings use phone bridges and web technology.  Groups can be those who work together as real estate agents, stay-at-home moms/dads, mastermind groups, coaches or consultants, networking or meet-up groups, musicians/artists, church groups, personal development groups, health and wellness practitioners, Chamber of Commerce groups, sales teams in any industry, etc. Bring a creative team of leaders together and watch 2010 be your best year ever!

Important Facts: Keys to Group Coaching Success

Program Description

Twice per month, there will be a one-hour group coaching session for all members of the group.  All team members shall do their best to be on the call "live" to participate. Calls will be recorded.

Once per month, each individual on the team, will be given a scheduled, personal 40-minute coaching session.  

There will also be a 15-minute laser-coaching session for each person in the program who wants to call in on a first-come, first-serve basis, during specified office hours. The designated laser-coaching time will be shared on the first group call. You will call the designated number and either the coach will be able to talk immediately or call you back right away.

Each program group will have between 7 to 10 people so that we have an interactive and creative environment.

This is a six month program, with two 60-minute group sessions per month, one 40-minute individual session per month, and one 15-minute individual laser-coaching call per month. The monthly fee is $295.00. 

For the group who jumps in quickly, with their own "ready to start" group, (regardless of the group's specialty or focus), there will be an incentive of a $100 discount per individual on the team, if all of the 7 to 10 members are paid by 
January 5, 2010.  (Fee of $195.00 for each member to be emailed via PayPal to:

The first group session would start for this specially approved group on Thursday, January 7, 2010.

Program Details
This six-month program will include the all the tools and skills that you will need to successfully launch your unique team's customized group coaching program.  Susan M. Hampton will lead all the of the program telemeetings.

Each week we will encourage each other, incorporate key topics, report on successful implementations, learn new proficiencies and coach around obstacles and opportunities.

You will receive worksheets, action guides, agreements, and/or miscellaneous tools during your coaching program.  Your success will be determined upon your active participation and follow through.

Dates & Time


January 7, 21
February 4, 18
March 4, 18
April 1, 15
May 6, 20
June 3, 17
12:00 ET, 
11:00 CT, 
10:00 MT, 
9:00 am PT
6:00 pm European time

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I currently have a group coaching "time slot" available on Mondays, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time, for a second group, with the same offer as stated above.
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For any groups who pay between January 6, 2010, and January 27, 2010, there will be a $50 discount incentive off the regular price of $295.00.  (Fee of $245.00 for each member to be emailed via PayPal to:  

After January 27, 2010, there will be limited "group time slots" available, and the group coaching investment fee per person will increase.
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Individual coaching sessions are limited, and when available for those who are interested in one-on-one coaching, an initial 13-week commitment is made by the individual client, by either pre-paying for the block of 13 weeks at $1,950.00 (incentive discounts are available for those who pre-pay)
OR by setting up a monthly payment plan of $650.00 per month, due before the first scheduled weekly session for each month.
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Susan Hampton


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  • Author of "The No-Guilt Guide for Attracting and Enjoying God's Abundance ~ Tips For Living The Biblical Law Of Attraction" (LOA)
  • Certified Life Empowerment Coach aka "The Feel N.O.W. Success Coach"
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