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Overcomers, Inc: True stories of hope, courage, and inspiration, offers compelling stories from 38 diverse authors. These heart warming and encouraging stories showcase the strength of the human spirit.

Overcomers, Inc. shows you how to triumph over adversity. Is it possible to find happiness after tragedy to find inner peace when your life is in turmoil? Yes! In this powerful collection of 38 true-life stories from very diverse authors, you ll discover... Tools to turn your biggest failure into your greatest success; Ways to awaken your life's purpose and thrive, no matter what happened in your past; How to find strength and courage even during your most challenging experiences. By reading these awe-inspiring and touching stories, your life will take on a whole new meaning and purpose. You will become an Overcomer too!

These are extraordinary and brave stories....not only inspiring, but soul stirring. A noble book for these unprecedented turbulent times, it serves as a beacon of hope for all of us.. ~ Max Wellspring

Life is always a series of challenges. And as this book so beautifully promises, always there is hope. So expect to be inspired and uplifted by these real life stories of triumph and spiritual expansion. And it's a good read! ~ Judith Sherven, PhD, and Jim Sniechowski, PhD, authors of #1 best seller The Heart of Marketing,

This wonderful book is full of stories about people who didn't let fear, pain, or discouragement stop them from pursuing their paths. Very inspiring and highly recommended.;~ Dale Goldstein, LCSW, author of the award-winning book, Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, REALLY Want

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Author Lynne Klippel brought together a team of 38 diverse contributors for this project. There are stories from women and men of various age groups, races, and locations. Each author is an ordinary person who triumphed in an extraordinary situation. Each author gained wisdom from facing a challenge and is ready to share that wisdom with others. Each author hopes that readers will be uplifted and encouraged when reading Overcomers, Inc.

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Susan Hampton

Contributing Author 
& Life Coach
Susan M. Hampton

The Feel N.O.W. Success Coach,
C.E.C. (Certified
Empowerment Coach)

Be Blessed From Your Action & Perseverance
Susan M. Hampton

October 8, 2009
My book review for Overcomers, Inc. posted on Amazon:
As one of 38 contributing authors to the Overcomers, Inc. anthology, I knew in my heart that this book was a special project which would provide many people with hope, courage, and inspiration -- I just didn't have a clue as to how big of an impact these stories could have on others, until I read my first copy I received this past week.

Whether you're dealing with the loss of a loved one, the struggles of a divorce, the trauma of past sexual abuse, the emotions that come from being told you have a fatal disease or illness, the stress of financial difficulties, or just plain fears or obstacles that can be encountered in life, THIS is an inspiring book to read. Each author's chapter is laid out within 5 or 6 pages, so you can pick it up whenever you wish, and read for as long as you choose to. You'll find yourself laughing and crying, and making note of your favorite stories that you'll want to read again.

In the introduction, Lynne Klippel tells us we "will find real life tales of remarkable courage, strength, and perseverance..." This reminds me of a couple of verses from the book of James, found in the NIV version of the Holy Bible. James 1:12a says "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial" and James 5:11a states "As you know, we consider blessed those who have persevered."

If you are looking to be encouraged and uplifted, read this book. Once you do, you'll know in your heart that if you take ACTION to OVERCOME, and PERSEVERE, you too will be blessed!

Susan M. Hampton, C.E.C.
The Feel N.O.W. Success Coach

P.S.  As of 10/23/09, this book became an Amazon best-seller, within 24 hours of its release on 10/22/09.  It achieved #1 in 3 different categories, and ranked #42 OVERALL on Amazon.

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